Social Media Optimisation or SMO has definitely something to do with the social networks that you use. Not only will the famous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter be used for this purpose but also, your business name should be established across variety of other blogs and websites. Overall, you will have to be famous across comment mentions too, along with side by side representation.

How is it beneficial?

This question is genuine and we would love to answer it for you. The best thing about SMO is that not only will it help your business to grow to a larger extent but also, you will be able to grow a good amount of reputation among other pages and moreover, the mentions and shares which your business gets, helps it grow to a larger extent.

Will it harm my SEO?

No, absolutely no! The social networking sites actually let you increase your website’s SEO to a good amount and also, you will get great sales by SMO along with a well-renowned blog and a healthy website.