Search Engine Optimisaton or the SEO is one of the most important and valid feature of blogging and being a YouTuber. When you index your website across search engines, get traffic on your blog or YouTube channel from free, editorial, natural or organic search results on search engines, we call that as SEO. So like it or not, you have to go for it.

Why go for SEO?

Well no debating on the fact but you and we, both know that you would love to make people read or watch your content. Of course it isn’t there for fun purposes. If you want to earn, you have to strive for SEO over your blog or channel.

So you mean to say Search Engines are stupid? Is that the reason SEO is required?

This question may exist but honestly, search engines are really smart. Yes they need a little guidance and perfect sweet spots to index your websites. Otherwise there are always security concerns and for sure, we don’t want our search engines to be dealing with them.

Why choose Resocial Technology?

No doubt there are many other services which may seem tempting to you but if you really need something of a good SEO class, every instruction detailed and every tutorial across each of the websites’ sections which you visit, then you will need Resocial Technology for this purpose. Not only will you get better results, but the owners themselves here have a strong hold over things like these.